SPA Luminaries

spa candlesEvery Spa Manager we have ever spoken to you always stresses the importance of candle ambiance within their spa, but has concerns in regards to the open flame. With Candle Luminaries we take away with the worries of the open flame and add a unique candle ambiance for your clients so they keep coming back!

We have over 100 sizes to help make the right impact. Most Spa shop will purchase 4 or 5 inch diameter in various heights to create a spa ambiance. We know that with so many sizes it can be overwhelming on deciding what to purchase. This is why we offer a free phone consultation. Give us a call and we will have you send us some pictures of your spa so we can assist you with purchasing the right sizes.

Call us prior to ordering as we offer Wholesale Pricing to Hotels, Spas, Resorts, Events Planners, and Restaurants

Keep in mind that all candle luminaries are hollow within, and need to be illuminated either with an LED or fuel cell. We always recommend using a rechargeable candle as it will give you the best illumination. Also it has a timer and remote control feature.

Now please take a moment to see how luminaries are used in this video or visit our GALLERY

Please feel free to give us a call for free phone consultation to discuss your candle needs.

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