FAQ Candle Luminaries

1. Do you ship?

Yes, we ship within the USA and to Canada (for orders to Canada: Please call to finalize your orders, due to duty tax). We will also ship to other international countries, please call for details.

2. How far in advance should I order for an event?

As far in advance as possible. All items are hand made to your specification, this is why we are able to offer such a large selection. Therefore, we ask all of our clients to place their order(s) as soon as possible. Typical orders take 3-5 days to produce and allow additional 3-5 days for shipping. Rush orders are available, with a 15% rush fee.

3. Will the product melt?

Yes all wax luminaries are made of high grade paraffin wax, if you leave it in the heat, throw it in a fire pit, hold it over an open flame, point a heat gun on it, or any other method to melt wax. Otherwise if used properly and as instructed this product should last you for many years. We have tested the wax luminary in direct sun at 90 degrees, after 3 hours the product started to get soft. After 6 hours it started to lose shape. To be safe do not leave luminaries outside when 90 degrees or hotter, in direct sun. We have also tested our wax luminaries in 95 degrees in the shade. After 6 hours the product started to get soft, after 8 hours the product started to lose shape. Please treat the wax luminaries as you would treat a candle.

4. How do you clean the wax?

We have found that goo-gone works the best. Feather dust for quick clean.

5. How do you illuminate the wax?

We use fuel cells, battery operated lights, or votive candles. In our opinion fuel cells and rechargeable candles, led candles work the best. Fuel cells are disposable oil lamps which typically burn from 8 to 28 hours and do not leave a mess within the luminary candle. Also note, fuel cells are safer to use than a votive candle; because once they burn down the flame goes out on it’s own. DO NOT USE TEA LIGHTS, or any source that has metal or similar composite as it will melt the wax from within. Do NOT place glass votive within the luminaries as the glass will conduct heat within and melt the wax when using real flame to illuminate.

6. What is your minimum order for non-retail stores?

No minimum for retail purchases. $250 minimum opening order for wholesale orders. Minimum of 50 units for bulk pricing when mixing and matching sizes. Our online cart offers per size bulk discounts, to order bulk with multiple sizes please create an account and contact us so we can update your account to bulk.

7. What colors are available and do all colors glow?

All wax luminaries come in ivory. However custom colors are available, please call for details and pricing. We are a manufacturer so please don’t hesitate to ask. The darker the color the less glow.

8. Return Policy?

As each order are manufactured as time of order all orders are considered artisan work and thus all sales are final. Please contact us if you have questions about our product prior to ordering to ensure your satisfaction.

9. How are the wax luminaries made and are they done by hand?

Watch the video, for a quick demonstration on how we make hand made wax luminaries https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_PndobrSEMY


Luminary Rentals FAQ

1. What sizes do you rent?

Currently we only rent certain sizes which can be found on our Rental page.  If you are looking for a certain size, not listed on on our rental page please call us and we can provide you with a custom rental price.

2. Where are luminary rentals available?

Luminaries are available for pick-up in our Commerce, CA location. Candle luminaries are also available to be shipped to your location and then you will be responsible to ship back. Rentals for out of state require a minimum of 30 days notice, to allow time to receive your rental order. Please call us for details when renting out of state. Applicable shipping rate will be applied, when shipped.

3. How are luminaries illuminated and what do we use to illuminate the wax?

All wax luminaries come with an led candle (included in the price) which you place within the luminary. You have the choice of electing another led color for an additional fee. Larger luminaries that are 5 inches in diameter have the option of using a fuel cell (oil lamp that produces a real flame)

4. What color candle luminaries do you rent?

We only rent luminaries in Ivory. However, please note that it is the color of the led that controls the look of your luminary.

5. How to proceed with an out of state rental?

Please contact us at 866-611-8686 as we will have to determine shipping rates to and from. Please allow enough time to process the order.

6. Is there a minimum when renting?

NO minimum. You can rent as many as 1 or a 1000 up to you.

7. What are the replacement cost when item is damaged or non-returned?

Pricing varies from size to size, all replacement cost will be disclosed in your rental agreement.

8. Can I rent the luminaries to use as a vase for my floral arrangement?

Yes, you can use the wax luminary as a vase for your floral design. You may also upgrade to a submersible led to illuminate the wax with your floral. Vessel Decor offers full floral service as well for local clients. Please contact us for details on floral centerpieces with luminary decor.