Creative Candle Centerpieces Using Luminaries

When looking for cost effective centerpieces that are fun and creative – look no further. Wax luminaries can be used as colorful vases to provide you with beautiful centerpieces for your special event, at a fraction of the cost for typical centerpieces.

How does this work?  It’s simple.  Traditional candles are filled with wax, but our wax luminaries are hollow – allowing for a small LED light to be placed in them.  This creates a beautiful glowing effect that wouldn’t be possible with a flame.  Flowers or tree branches can now be added, giving life to your centerpiece.  The effect is magical – a candle centerpiece!

If you are looking for  “greener” centerpiece than traditional flowers alone, remember these candle centerpieces have a lasting component.  After the event is over, guests can take them home as a keepsake.  For an even nicer keepsake, our candles can also be personalized with names, slogans or logos!

Think of the possibilities – you can customize your centerpieces exactly how you want, a “candle” here, a vase there – all with the same product!  We have a variety of sizes and shapes available – to allow for unique designs of  your choosing.  Not only do they make great centerpieces, but they can also be rented.  This makes candle centerpieces a much more cost effective option than traditional centerpieces. Rentals are available locally and nationally.  For local rentals we can also offer delivery and set-up options.

 Centerpieces Also Available for Rent

If you are a florist, looking for unique ways to showcase your work, please give us a call.  We can design a custom rental package for a specific event or venue based on the needs of your client.   We would be happy to talk to you about partnership opportunities and ways we can work together.

Already have an event you want to talk about?  Contact us or send an Inquiry and we will get back to you ASAP!