Luminaries for Weddings

Luminary Floral Tree

Candle Luminaries can make a big statement on your special day. As you start your journey in selecting your location, you will find that many venues no longer allow open flame. This is where Candles Tonight can turn your initial concern to great excitement.

Candle luminaries for weddings can be used down the aisle, along a staircase, on a fireplace mantle, and of course for your main centerpiece

With the option to rent instead of buying, we can help you save money without taking away the look or feel you are trying to achieve. Luminary rentals are available within Orange County, LA County, and San Diego County with full set-up and strike. Clients outside of these areas we are able to ship to you and you ship back, this is available on a national level. Please call for a full quote. Visit our Rental page for pricing.

Candle Luminaries are also available to purchase. Please visit our online shop for pricing

So what is a Candle Luminary?

All of our candle luminaries are hand-made in the USA, and are typically made to order. A candle luminary is made of 100% paraffin wax with additional additives to max the wax stronger. The luminary itself has no wick, thus no flame is melting the wax. In fact it is technically not even a candle at all but rather a wax shell. What makes it a luminary is how we illuminate the wax shell. We place an amber flickering led within the luminary, which give the wax shell a candle effect. All candle luminaries are hollow within, but do have a wax bottom. Think of it as a glass vase but instead of glass it is made of wax. This allows you to place floral within the luminary as well, to create a floral luminary design.

Now please take a moment to see how luminaries are used in this video or visit ourĀ GALLERY

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p.s. we also sell led candles, floating candles, led strings, and much more that you might want to take a look at.