6 Inch Diameter Candle Luminary Floater


floating luminaries

6 inch diameter floating candle luminary. These luminaries come in white and ivory, and will float, providing the perfect decor addition to an evening pool setting or any water display.

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6 Inch Diameter Candle Luminary Floater

Wax Color: Ivory

  • Wax Candle Luminaries are hand made to your choice of size
  • Please allow 3-5 business days to produce and 3-5 days to receive your shipment.
  • Height Sizes are an estimate, as each product is hand poured by candle technicians.
  • Guaranteed delivery by FedEx we will replace any damages within 10 days.
  • All Candle Luminary floaters are made with a texture / rustic look .
  • As each luminary are hand made at time of order, all luminary sales are final.
  • Candle Luminaries are best used with fuel cells, rechargeable candles or battery operated lights.
  • DO NOT use Tea-Lights as most tea lights have a metal bottom and can cause damage to the wax.

The video below shows a 11 Inch Diameter Candle Luminary Floater illuminated with a fuel cell. We recommend fuel cells to illuminate 6 to 11 inch diameter floaters to get the best glow. Fuel cells have a plastic casing to protect the wax.

If you wish to use led candles instead of fuel cells we would recommend using submersible leds. They are brighter and you can elect what color to change the design of the floater. Even though the 8 Inch Diameter Candle Luminary Floater comes in a Ivory wax color, you can use any led color to illuminate the floater to match your event.

For a bright illumination in the water place 2  battery operated submersible led candles within the 6 Inch Diameter Candle Luminary Floater.  Whatever LED color you elect will change the look of the luminary floater. For example if you place Red leds within the ivory wax luminary it will give you a red floating luminary.

These luminary floaters take up a great amount of space during shipping, if you are ordering over 100 or more please call so we can arrange other freight arrangements.

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