Hollow Candle Cover 3 Inch Diameter


hollow candle cover
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Hollow Candle Cover 3 Inch Diameter

Size Options (Outside diameter x Height)
3×4 | 3×5 | 3×6 | 3×8

Candle Cover Luminary: Hollow on Both Ends

Wax Color: Ivory

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Hollow Candle Cover 3 Inch Diameter

3 Inch Round Candle Cover Luminary: Hollow on Both Ends

Wax Color: Ivory

  • Size: 3 inches in diameter and up to 8 inches tall…please select your height to view pricing
  • Measurements are based on outside diameter; wall thickness varies as luminaries are hand made
  • Wax Candle Luminaries are hand made to your choice of height and size at time of order.
  • Luminaries do not include a illumination source. Please add an LED or Rechargeable Candle.
  • Please allow 3-5 business days to produce and 3-5 days to receive your shipment.
  • We ship out of Orange County, CA.
  • Height Size are but an estimate, as each product are hand poured by candle technicians.
  • Guaranteed delivery by FedEx we will replace any damages within 10 days.
  • Not recommended to use real flame on 3″ inch or 4″ inch diameter when height is 5 inches or greater.
  • All Candle Luminaries are made with a texture / rustic look unless you select a drip texture.
  • As each luminary are hand made at time of order, all luminary sales are final.
  • Candle Cover are best used with, rechargeable candles or battery operated lights. DO NOT use Tea-Lights as most tea lights have a metal bottom and can cause damage to the wax. Max watt 1.5 when using an led bulb

This product is 100% real wax, and are primarily used as lamp shade with a low volt system. Your illumination or your final glow will simply depend on the brightness of your own led bulb or rechargeable candle.

Please note if you can not find the size of your hollow candle cover please give us a call so we can give you a custom size price.

Available hollow candle cover sizes: (outside diameter x height)

3×4 | 3×5 | 3×6 | 3×8