Restaurant Table Lighting

Restaurant Table Lighting

Restaurants come to us for table lighting when they are looking for wax shells or candle luminaries. We have over 100 candle luminary sizes and we are a USA manufacturer which makes the lead time around 7 business days.

Rechargeable Candles have dominated the restaurant world in the past few years. With that said we recommend purchasing Vessel Light Rechargeable Candles, as they are commercial grade and come in either Warm White or Multi Color rechargeable. We always have specials going on our rechargeable candles as well as our luminaries. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are seeking something you do not see on our site.

From back-of-the-bar lighting to small table centerpieces, to outdoor seating, we can light up a restaurant with cost effective and efficient lighting solutions designed specifically for your individual restaurant. Our rechargeable candles provide an easy way to light and re-light the entire facility – even changing the colors as needed for different themes or times, with the click of a remote control.

We have provided our wax candle luminaries to the ma and pa shop to big chains all over the USA

When you are ready to order please give us a call as we offer wholesale pricing on all luminaries to Restaurants, Hotels, and Event Planners.

So what is a Candle Luminary?

All of our candle luminaries are hand made in the USA, and are typically made to order. A candle luminary is made of 100% paraffin wax with additional additives to max the wax stronger. The luminary itself has no wick, thus no flame is melting the wax. In fact it is technically not even a candle at all but rather a wax shell. What makes it a luminary is how we illuminate the wax shell. We place a rechargeable led candle within the luminary, which give the wax shell a candle effect. All candle luminaries are hollow within, but do have a wax bottom. Think of it as a glass vase but instead of glass it is made of wax.

Now please take a moment to see how luminaries are used in this video or visit our GALLERY

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