Sizes Available - 7"x Round Wax Luminary Flameless Candles

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Handmade Proudly In The USA!!

These 7"x Round wax luminaries are hollow wax flameless candles that that are illuminated with a light source that is placed inside them. They are often used to house candles and/or LED lights to create the impression of a large candle. For best effect, we recommend using LED products, such as battery operated flameless candles and rechargeable candles.

Flameless Candle Luminary Characteristics:

  • Style: Round Wax Luminary
  • Wax Color: Ivory
  • Finish: Textured / Rustic Look
  • Hand poured to order.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

7"x Round Wax Luminary Size Options:

  • 7x3 Flameless Candles
  • 7x4 Flameless Candles
  • 7x5 Flameless Candles
  • 7x6 Flameless Candles
  • 7x7 Flameless Candles
  • 7x8 Flameless Candles
  • 7x9 Flameless Candles
  • 7x10 Flameless Candles
  • 7x11 Flameless Candles
  • 7x12 Flameless Candles


Not recommended to use real flame on less than 4" diameter luminaries when height is 5 inches or greater. Candle Luminaries can be used with fuel cells, rechargeable candles or battery operated lights. DO NOT use Tea-Lights as most tea lights have a metal bottom and can cause damage to the wax.

Please allow 5-7 business days to produce. Height Size are an estimate.

All luminary sales are final.

Email: for special size quotes.

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