We are glad you found us. We make candles—but not just the traditional kind. We specialize in hollow wax luminaries. A luminary is a hollow wax cylinder that can be illuminated via battery tea light. You could add a bouquet of flowers to our product as well; they make a great centerpiece for your event. Without a wick and a flame, these are safer, cleaner alternative to a traditional candle with a flame. Also, we do printing on the candle if you so desire. This means that we can add a logo or company name to the surface of the candle luminary. We have even printed the name of the bride and groom on our products. The possibilities are endless. We also rent candle luminaries for weddings and events, if purchasing is not option think about renting for your next event. View our gallery for some great photos of what some of our valued clients have done with our products.

In addition to our luminaries we distribute rechargeable candles and LED lights.

Thank you for the interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon..

Our History

In 2005 we began as a retail location primarily selling candles and a small line of luminaries. We quickly expanded our operation to manufacture our own candles. With the growing popularity of wax luminaries, we have since become one of the nations largest manufacturers of hollow wax candles.

Mission Statement

“To offer the highest quality of hand made candles and candle related products in the USA. Our focus on customer service, competitive pricing, and quick production time sets us apart from other manufacturers in the industry.”

How To Make Wax Luminaries