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CandlesTonight's Premium Rechargeable Candle Sets

CandlesTonight provides many ways to light up our handmade flamless candles. Stop buying fuel cells, buy our intelliFLAME® Rechargeable Candles Sets instead, the sets will save you a lot of money over the course of using them. intelliFLAME® Rechargeable Candle Sets can work on timers and have both non-flicker and flicker settings. When you add intelliFLAME® Rechargeable Candle Sets to your restaurant you add a touch of class and modernity. intelliFLAME® Rechargeable Candles come in sets of 12 and include: One induction charging base, one remote, one power supply and twelve candles. There are three choices for the sets: Multi-Color, Amber, and Warm White. Click Here To Get Your Set Today.

CandlesTonight's Alternative Lighting Options

CandlesTonight.com provides many alternative ways to light up any event or flameless candle. All of our intelliFLAME® LED Lights are premium and built to last. If using for multiple events, you can replace batteries and it will become as bright as before. Alternative Lighting Options: LED Submersibles, LED Light Bases, and LED Tealights.